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a PiXiE pLaYLaNd
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oRgy aNd mE

jUsT mE aNd oRgY...

iN tHiS sEcTiOn i WiLL tAlK aBoUt mE mEEtiNg oRgY!! i WiLL iNcLuDe PiCs iF aVaiLbLe. aLsO iF u gOt aN oRgY eXpEriEnCe sEnD tHeM tO mE! iLL b GLADLY tO pUt iT uP! u GoT PiCs? SeNd tHeM tOO! iLL pUt uP a NeW pAgE jUsT fOr u GuYs! oK hErEs mY FiRsT eXPeRiEnCe w/ oRgY!

Orgy at the PARADISE CLUB on 11/29/00

Alrighty it was about what 30 degrees outside when me, my mom, my friend ashley, and my sister amanda arrived to the 18+ show. Our plan was to wait and c if we could meet ORGY somehow. I drew a nice big poster of them to c if that would help us get a better chance at meeting them. so then we went to the tour buses and immediately to the first one, and asked if ORGY was on that 1. The tour person thingy named Rob said a polka dotted band was there, so i knew that was Orgy's tour bus. We showed him my poster and said he would try to get us to meet them but the problem is that they werent there yet and we had to wait an hour or so.
It was 8:30 when we got there and now it was 9:45. finally my mom left to get the car bc she couldnt stand waiting anymore. BUT the minute she left my sister saw a car containg Ryan, Paige, Bobby. and Amir. We saw them go into the tour bus. Then Bobby came out and Rob pointed us out and Bobby said to come over. we did and my sister gave him the birthday card we got for him and i gave him my poster. my friend was shocked and silent the whole entire time. Bobby gave us all hugs and kisses and we got this picture with him (my friend didnt want to b shown so i cut her off). I am the one w/ normal hair and i am the taller one. The blonde/brunette is my sis.


Soon Bobby leaves to go inside and takes the b-day card and poster w/ him. The minute he goes inside my mom comes. she waited another 5 minutes and said that she would get the car again and when she comes back this time we have to leave. i begged her to let us stay more. she left but soon our time was up. she came back parked right in front of their tour bus. hehe. i went to talk to her. when i finished talkin Rob saw that we had to leave. So Amir came out and i went up to him and i asked politely if we could get a pic w/ him and some autographs. he is shy! i never thought he would b shy but he did everything we asked and i told him about the poster and he was happy to hear that. and might i add he looked VERY good that night.

ok now Amir left inside and Rob went to tell Ryan and Paige of our dilemma. Ryan and Paige came out and of course i started to flip out bc my fave member is Ryan ( I LOVE HIM!!!!). First thing that Paige said to break the silence was "Blah, I just ate nuts so i have nut breath now" lol that was so funny. Then i told him i could care less i still kiss him! so he came and he gave me the biggest tightest bear hug ANYONE has ever given me! and then he kissed me and on my cheek! what a sweetheart! he autographed my magazine and we talked about them having sharpies already bc they said their fans got mad that they didnt have any and they got beat up lol.
Then finally I got to Ryan and i just said "i love u" and he blushed and said "oh thank u". hehe, then he gave me a paige hug (instead of bear hugs we call them PAIGE hug thus from my description above) and gave me a big kiss. he reeked of beer and left the stench on me but i didnt care bc it smelled like good beer! hehe. then after some more chitchat we prepared to take the pic. i of course got next to Ryan and when he put his arms around me i just blurted out "ohhh my husband!" everyone laughed including him. but i idi not expect a reply to what i said but i did and Ryan said "ohh yes my wife i missed u soo much!" i almost died when he said that bc he squeezed me tighter and closer to him! hehe. the pictures proves it bc the guy took the pic when he was squeezing me closer to him and saying that. its a bit bright but u can tell whos who.


ill try to get my friend to scan another one bc that one was 5x7. 4x6 looks better. well anyways after the pic we had to leave and Ryan and Paige gave us more paige hugs and kisses. also they felt bad that we couldnt get in. stupid club made it 18+. but they were so nice to just come out and talk to us! so when we were sayin good bye i blew kisses to them and yelled i love u to them. Ryan blew a kiss back. oh i just got all blushed up! when i got in the car i just flipped out! my mom finally sees that these guys r just plain sexy and gorgeous! GOD! ill never forget that night! and i promise u this will not b the last time i meet them!! ;)