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a PiXiE pLaYLaNd
DiScOgRaPhY | nEwS aNd GoSSiP | ORGY | RyAn | JaY | BoBBy | aMiR | pAiGe | oRgy aNd mE | OrGyArT | LiNk Me


LiNk Me

iTs SeLf ExPLaNaToRy...

u GoT a SiTe? u LiKe WhAt Ya C? wELL y DoNt Ya LiNk Me tO uR PaGE! aLL u GoTTa dO iS sAvE tHe bAnnEr BeLoW (mOrE oN tHe WaY) oNtO uR cOmPuTeR, pUt iT oN uR SiTe aNd mAkE a LiNk tO mY pAgE! sO SiMpLe. hErEs tHe AddY:
tHeN eMaiL mE sO i CaN LiNk UR SiTe! hErEs mY e-aDDy:

cLiCk Me! iM tHe E-aDDy!


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