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a PiXiE pLaYLaNd
DiScOgRaPhY | nEwS aNd GoSSiP | ORGY | RyAn | JaY | BoBBy | aMiR | pAiGe | oRgy aNd mE | OrGyArT | LiNk Me

WeLcOmE FeLLoW oRgY pLaYmAtEs

U hAvE eNtErEd A SiTe FuLL oF pIcS, iNfO, aNd oThEr sHiT oF mY FaVe bAnD: ORGY. tHeSe R sOmE fInE SeXiLiCiOuS BiTcHeS. hEhEhE. eNjOy uR StAy.

oK iM BACK! mY SiTe iS aLmOsT uPdAtEd! sO i hAvE mOrE PiCs, iNfO, aNd i WiLL kEEP mOrE nEwS tO uPdAtE u gUys! i GoT mY gUeStBooK wOrKiN!!! WOOHOO!!! sO aS mY GUEST gO SiGn My GUESTbOOk! LoVe yA!

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

hErE's A sExY pIc oF tHeSe SeXiLiCiOuS bItChEs. hEhEhE.


Ash's Orgy CandyLand~ very awesomest site!


iN cAsE u DiDnT kNoW wHo Is WhO hErEs A LiSt oF tHeM:

JaY: Vocals
RyAn: Guitar
BoBBy: Electric Drums
PAiGe: Bass
AMiR: Guitar Synth

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