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a PiXiE pLaYLaNd
DiScOgRaPhY | nEwS aNd GoSSiP | ORGY | RyAn | JaY | BoBBy | aMiR | pAiGe | oRgy aNd mE | OrGyArT | LiNk Me


nEwS aNd GoSSiP

hErE b tHe LaTeSt oN oRgY...



oK nOw i JuSt gOt WoRd fRoM AsH (Ash's Orgy Candyland) tHaT oRgY iS NOT i REPEAT NOT gOiNg oN tOuR WiTh PaPa RoAcH! ThEy R gOiNg WiTh SPINESHANK and MUDVAYNE. i HoPe i SpeLLeD tHaT RiGhT! dOnT BiTcH iF i DiD!

aLsO rYaN sHuCk WiLL b PlAyiNg a SmAll mOviE RoLe iN tHe mOvIe "Forsaken" wHiCh cOmEs oUt iN LiKe ApRiL. sO kEEp uR eYeS pEElEd fOr tHaT MoViE!

I MET 4/5 OF ORGY!!! YES!!!!!!

i FiNaLLy mEt 4 oUt oF tHe FiVe MeMbErS!!!! i mEt BoBBy, aMiR, RyAn, AND pAiGe! iF u WaNt ThE iNfO oN wHaT hAppEn cHeCk oUt tHe NeW pAgE "oRgY & mE"