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a PiXiE pLaYLaNd
DiScOgRaPhY | nEwS aNd GoSSiP | ORGY | RyAn | JaY | BoBBy | aMiR | pAiGe | oRgy aNd mE | OrGyArT | LiNk Me



tHe MuSiC & MaKeUp Is WhAt MaTTeRs ThE mOsT...

oK, hErEs ThE iNfO oN tHeIr AlBuMs. nO mOrE tO bE eXpLaInEd! u aLL sHoUlD wHaT tHiS LiNk Is AbOuT.

ElEmEnTrEE ReCoRdS, 1998

SiNgLeS: bLuE mOnDaY
ElEmEnTrEE ReCoRdS, 1998
ElEmEnTrEE ReCoRdS, 1998

ElEmEnTrEE ReCoRdS, 2000

Track List:
CANDYASS: Social Enemies, Stitches, Dissention, Platinum, Fetisha, Fiend, Blue Monday, Gender, All the Same,Pantomime, Revival, Dizzy.

BLUE MONDAY: Single Mix, Optical Vocal Mix, STITCHES-Green Velvet Mix, Clud 69 Mix, Club 69 Dub, Optical Instrumental Mix, DJ Dan Remix

STITCHES: HardKnox Mix, P.Q.M.'s Cracker Beat Radio Pass, DJ Dan Mix, P.Q.M.'s Cracker Beat Pass, Smack My Stitch Up Extended Mix, DISSENTION- Remix.

VAPOR TRANSMISSION: Vapor Transmission (intro), SuckerFace, the Odyssey, Opticon, Fiction (Dreams In Digital), Eva, 107, Dramatica, Eyes-Radio-Lies, Saving Faces, Re-Creation, Chasing Sirens, Where's Gerrold. ***BONUS SONG-Spectrum

FaVoRiTe CD:

mY fAvE CD iS nO dOuBt "Vapor Transmission." iTs UNBELIEVABLE tO mY EaRs! iTs hAs a HeAviEr sOuNd tO iT too. oRgY, U DiD aN AWESOME jOb!! u rEaLLy sHoWeD tHe wOrLd wHaT u CaN CrEaTe!! tHiS aLbUm wAs mOrE CrEaTiVe tHaN "CandyAss." BuT dOnT gEt mE wRoNg, i LiKe aLL tHeIr CDs.

FaVoRiTe SoNg:

"Eva" iS mY fAvE sOnG nO dOuBt. i LoVe iT. i CaNt BeLiEvE tHaT aNyOnE cAn wRiTe W/ sO mUch eMoTiOn. FiRsT tImE i ReAd tHe WoRdS i BeGaN tO CrY. iTs THE mOsT bEaUtiFuL sONg I EvEr HeArD.